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We awarded the best engineering and technology theses of the year

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Master’s thesis for a company helps foreign professionals secure jobs

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TEK's office closes at 12.00 on 2 December

What is TEK?

TEK is a trade union for academic engineers and architects in Finland.

In Finland, trade unions work closely with the employers’ organisations to ensure that the Finnish market is open, fair and competitive. On a personal level, this means that we negotiate the framework for employment conditions and salaries on your behalf, to make sure you have fair working conditions.

We are a professional organisation that supports you in your career. By becoming a member, you will have access to our experts, who can advise you on any issues regarding your work life in Finland. Through our services, we will help you make informed choices in all aspects of your career, from how to get your foot in the market to navigating Finnish work life.

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Latest news and blogs

Spinnova, tutkimus, työpaikka
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TEK and Business School Graduates: RDI tax incentive essential for economic growth about to collapse

An RDI tax incentive for companies was meant to come into force in the beginning of 2023, but it has now become one of the schemes under dispute by the Government. Failure to go through with the incentive will endanger the conditions for long-term growth.
Jari Jokinen katsoo kameraan.
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“Open campaign benefited Akava”

Jari Jokinen wishes to thank Maria Löfgren, who was elected to lead Akava, for their good discussions.
Jussi-Pekka Teini
Work life
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Talk about algorithmic surveillance at your workplace

If you have any questions or concerns about the issue, you can contact your employee representative (shop steward) or the labour market experts at TEK.
SITP-voittajat Abacus Diagnostica
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This year’s best works of engineering found in Tampere and in Turku

The Finnish Engineering Award is exceptionally given to two winners this year. The teams of Creanex and Abacus Diagnostica each receive 30 000 euros. The awards were presented to the winners today in Otaniemi, Espoo, by the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFiF.
Mies puhumassa yleisölle
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Code of Conduct for TEK’s events improves atmosphere

We contacted one of the experts at TEK who helped develop the Code of Conduct and asked him to explain what it’s all about. “Let's all behave like adults while exercising consideration for other people,” says Jussi-Pekka Teini to sum it up.
Mies katsoo puhelinta ja nojaa seinään.
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The service channels and OmaTEK are renewed

Now is the time to check your member information. It is important that your information is up to date in the member portal. This way, the notification of new messages from TEK will reach you.
F. M. Mahafugur Rahman, author of the best doctoral thesis of 2022
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We awarded the best engineering and technology theses of the year

The winners are from Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland. The best doctoral thesis, master’s thesis in engineering or architecture and master’s thesis in mathematics, physics or computer science of 2022 were awarded today in Helsinki.
Ihminen linjaston ääressä, linjastolla kulkee silmusalaattilaatikoita.
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World's most effective greenhouse

What happens when a mechanical engineer becomes a farmer? One square metre yields a harvest of 23 tonnes a year.
Secretary General of Seta Kerttu Tarjamo and TEK's Work Life Specialist Sirkku Pohja at TEK's office in Pasila.
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Seta grants Apple of Good Information to TEK

Seta grants the Apple of Good Information annually to an individual or community that has advanced the position of sexual or gender minorities or spread good, factual information about the diversity of sexual orientation and gender. TEK is the first trade union to receive the recognition.