We wish to support our members in taking care of their wellbeing at work.

From time to time even the most professional workers will experience self-doubt, stress and may even fear burnout. Here at TEK we are aware of the challenges our members face in work life and we want to work actively to make sure that our members' wellbeing is taken care of.

Auntie's discussion packages

Does work stress interfere with your sleep? Do you have challenges in starting your work day? We offer full members of TEK the opportunity for two low-threshold discussions with an Auntie professional.

In a one-to-one discussion, you can get quick help to map your own situation as well as exercises to apply to your everyday life.

Auntie is a wellbeing service that provides support for stress, overwork, and finding lost motivation. Measurable results are achieved with conceptualized, fast-start service packages based on online meetings with an Auntie professional.

TEK full members have access to the following discussion packages.

Tough Times

Does it feel like the world turned upside down in a matter of days? New work habits, isolation and restrictions. This service is for anyone who feels like they could use some support in this new situation.

The link to register for Auntie's services is available for our members and it can be found here, when you log in to the site. If you're not yet a member, join from the top corner of the page!

The partner services included in TEK's membership benefits and the benefits provided by the partners are subject to the the service provider's terms of service and data protection.