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What is TEK?

TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 70,000 women and men. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career. We provide career services, legal services and salary counselling to our members. Click here to join as a member!

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Local agreement can reveal its strength

Employers are already concerned about local salary settlements. The concern is hopefully premature, says Teemu Hankamäki and explains how local agreement works.

Hankamäki from TEK: “Worst fears were dispelled”

The unemployment statistics of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK show that the number of laid off workers decreased in November.

92% of technology graduates would choose the same discipline

The satisfaction of recent graduates with an academic degree in technology with the university education they have received in the field of technology has grown steadily from 2016–2019.

The median salary of academic engineers exceeds EUR 5,000

CEO Jari Jokinen from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK demands a tax overhaul. – It is not encouraging to see more than half of the salary increase go straight to the tax authorities.

Difficult, more difficult and impossible employees

The duties of a supervisor include cooperation and getting along with employees. But how can you cope with a difficult subordinate?

It’s not the age, it’s the career

Even people who are the same age all differ from each other. The different needs and expectations of different employees is also a factor that makes management more challenging.