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What is TEK?

TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 72,000 members. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career. We provide career services, legal services and salary counselling to our members. Click here to join as a member!

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Manager, here is how you can be a good ally

An equal manager recognises their own prejudices and wants to learn new things.

Ask, intervene, support and challenge

TEK’s Student Affairs Specialist Jeremi Nyyssönen put together five methods for supporting fellow students who belong to gender and sexual minorities.

Employee representatives support LGBTQ co-workers

TEK's specialist compiled a list of five ways for employee representatives to better take LGBTQ employees into account. TEK’s lawyer summarises how the rights of minorities are secured by legislation...

Scope of TEK members’ employment terms will be known in autumn

If more than half of the companies in the technology industry do not join the new employers' association, the collective agreement will no longer be generally binding.

Hot holiday questions

COVID-19 affects nearly everything, except the accumulation of annual leave if the authorities place you in quarantine.

Log scanner sees the inner beauty

Finnos from Lappeenranta is modernizing the traditional sawmill industry one log at a time. Finnos' team brings artificial intelligence to the sawmills.