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What is TEK?

TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 70,000 women and men. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career. We provide career services, legal services and salary counselling to our members. Click here to join as a member!

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Lay the foundations for a good night's sleep during the day

Sleeping can be practiced like any other skill.

Bacteria tuned by students reveal antibiotic residues

If there are antibiotics in the water, cells start to produce green light.

Everyone is equally worthy

Promoting diversity is not only the right thing to do, but also good for the organisation.

Gender the number one reason for work discrimination in tech

The most common reason for discrimination in tech workplaces is gender.

Mari-Leena Talvitie is the new chair of TEK's board

The council of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has elected Master of Science in Technology and Member of Parliament Mari-Leena Talvitie as the new chair of TEK's board by 44 votes.

The new council agreement is on the side of the good

Based on the council agreement, TEK's new council that was elected in the spring and has just organised itself is not against anyone in particular.