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What is TEK?

TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 72,000 members. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career. We provide career services, legal services and salary counselling to our members. Click here to join as a member!



Unemployment rate amongst professionals with an academic degree in technology (3/2020): 

3,2 %

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Hot holiday questions

COVID-19 affects nearly everything, except the accumulation of annual leave if the authorities place you in quarantine.

Log scanner sees the inner beauty

Finnos from Lappeenranta is modernizing the traditional sawmill industry one log at a time. Finnos' team brings artificial intelligence to the sawmills.

COVID-19 meant a boost for air purifier company

Unlike for many others, the pandemic was a surprising lucky break for UniqAir from Lappeenranta.

Turku will soon be heated with only renewable energy

The production of Turku Energia is already 80 % renewable and the goal of 100 % is well within reach.

A precise laser for fighting cancer from Tampere

Seppo Orsila, CEO of Modulight, is still the most enthusiastic about lasers being developed for cancer treatment. This work makes a difference.

Niche software opened the world for guys from Turku

Jukka Rantala, CEO of software house Cadmatic, believes that growth is not possible without skilled people. That is why the company cooperates with universities.