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"No more free work" – a 3.3 % raise in the offing

The collective bargaining negotiations involving senior salaried employees that have been underway since last fall have finally taken a leap forwards.

Are you changing jobs?

There are many factors that you need to consider in order for your transition to a new job to go smoothly. To avoid risks, you must also do certain things in the right order.

YTN and Technology Industries of Finland reached an agreement

The content of the agreement will be presented in more detail after it has been discussed by the administrations of the negotiating parties next week.

The median salary of academic engineers rose by 86 euros

Salary development is still continuing at a very moderate pace.

Senior salaried employees renegotiate employment terms

Cordial negotiations are ongoing to revise the terms and conditions of employment of senior salaried employees, but everything still remains on the table.

New working time legislation introduces a working time bank

Working time banks provide greater flexibility and make it easier to harmonise work and leisure time.