Kolme henkilöä kävelee ja pyöräilee rakennusten edessä.


Are you about to graduate or have you already completed your degree? Congratulations! As a recent graduate, you get full TEK membership at a discounted price for the first year.

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Let us know if you have graduated

We get information on recent graduates from the universities, but these lists do not always contain full information on all graduates, so we may not receive information about your graduation.

If some time has already passed since you graduated, and you have not yet received mail from us, please inform our member service of your graduation by contacting our member service. If you have not been a TEK member during your studies, sign up as a full member after you graduate here.

At TEK, our experts are here to help you in improving your job search skills, checking your employment contract, succeeding in salary negotiations or starting your own business. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

As a TEK member you get:

Many benefits, such as discounts worth hundreds of euros at Danske Bank (a wide range of banking services and comprehensive travel insurance free of charge, a mortgage with no administrative fee and a lower margin, loan without an administrative fee, access to over a 1000 airport lounges etc.) and discounts on insurances.

See all membership services and benefits

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Discount on your TEK membership fee

As a recent graduate, you get a discount on your TEK membership fee for the first 12 months.

In 2024, your membership fee is €17.25 per month (normal fee €29.25 per month). The fee also includes the unemployment fund membership. Without the unemployment fund, the fee is €12 per month (normal fee €24 per month).

The membership fee is tax-deductible and we automatically inform the tax authorities of membership payments. This means that you will only pay around half the sum in the end.

If you are not currently employed or you live abroad, you will receive a discount on your membership fee. Read more on how to apply for a membership fee discount. More information on membership fees is available here.

Henkilö puhuu puhelimeen puhelinkopissa, äänieristetty, heijastus

Looking for a job? About to start a new job?

We offer a variety of information on where to look for a job, how to update your CV and what kind of salary you can ask for. You can also have your employment contract checked by our lawyers. 

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