Henkilö katselemassa ikkunasta ulos


Becoming unemployed is often an unexpected and stressful situation in life. You do not have to cope on your own – our experts are here to help.

What should you do when you become unemployed?

1) Register with the TE Services as unemployed and apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance from your unemployment fund.

2) Notify TEK of your unemployment to receive a discount on your membership fee.

3) If necessary, go through the legality of your redundancy with TEK’s lawyer.

4) Make use of TEK’s services for job-seeking and mental wellbeing.

Apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance from the KOKO fund

If you become unemployed or laid off, register with the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) no later than on your first day of unemployment or layoff. You can already register during your period of notice, as this may speed up the process. Please make sure you register even if your employer has paid a support package for you. After this, follow the instructions of the KOKO fund for applying for unemployment allowance.

Quick guide for applying for earnings-related allowance

More information about the unemployment security of TEK members

Notify TEK of your unemployment to receive a discount on your membership fee

You will receive a substantial discount on your TEK membership fee due to unemployment as long as the annual membership fee does not fall below the minimum. The minimum membership fee is EUR 117.00 per year (EUR 9.75 per month) for members of the unemployment fund and EUR 51.00 per year (EUR 4.25 per month) for non-members of the fund.

You can apply for the discount by e-mail or by mail. You can also send secured email to us. Attach a copy of your latest notification of payment (unemployment fund, Kela etc.) to the discount application. The unemployment fund or Kela may not disclose the information of beneficiaries to unions, so you need to send us this information yourself.

The discount is given provided that you receive a benefit from the unemployment fund or Kela. The discount is always granted only until the end of the respective calendar year at a time.

More information about applying for a membership fee discount

Discuss the legality of your redundancy with TEK’s lawyer

Do you suspect that you have been treated unfairly? If you have even the slightest doubt about it, contact TEK's lawyers immediately. A lawyer will go through the dismissal procedure with you and if there are any doubts as to its legality, they will discuss various further measures with you and act as your representative.


Contact our lawyers
Phone advice is available on weekdays from 9.00 to 12.00

Browse the services provided by TEK 

As a member of TEK, you have access to comprehensive job search services. Our career coaches support you when you look for a job and plan your future career.

Read more on job search services

We also offer our members the mental wellbeing service HuoliLinja by Heltti, which supports you especially in the difficult situations and changes at work. 

Read more about HuoliLinja