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Obligation to pay compensation extended to all non-competition agreements at the turn of the year

The key change is that the employer now has to pay compensation to the employee for the period they are bound by the non-competition agreement.
Vuonna 2007 aloittaneen ABB Marine & Ports -divisioonan propulsioyksikön johtoryhmän jäseniä
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ABB's Azipod® azimuth thruster system wins the Finnish Engineering Award and 30 000 euros

This time around, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFiF decided to grant the award to a technology instead of a group of people. ABB donates the entire award sum to the John Nurminen Foundation for the protection of the Baltic Sea.
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YTN and Technology Industry Employers create a national example for the labour market

YTN and Technology Industry Employers achieved agreements for the technology sector, consulting sector and ICT services sector. The duration of the agreements adhere to a 1+1 model, says YTN in a statement. According to a statement released by Technology Industry Employers, the agreements form a national example for the labour market.
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