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We collect data on the salaries of academic engineers and other TEK members on an annual basis. Check your salary level and prepare for salary negotiations with our tips!

TEK has the best and most up-to-date information on the salaries of academic engineers, architects and other TEK members. Salary information can come in handy when you are changing jobs, switching to new work tasks or when you simply wish to check your salary level, for example. 

Check out our statistics, Salary Surveyor tool and salary recommendations for students, read our tips for a salary negotiation or contact the salary advice

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Please note that you gain access to electronic services such as salary statistics and the Salary Surveyor immediately after your membership is approved. Personal salary counselling is at your disposal once you have paid the first instalment of your membership fee.

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Salary Surveyor

The Salary Surveyor allows you to simultaneously see how different background factors (such as position, sector, size of employer and years of work experience) affect your salary. The Salary Surveyor is a tool that draws salary graphs based on your chosen variables.

Please note that Salary Surveyor is only available for our members.

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Salary statistics

From TEK's salary statistics you can find information on salaries based on such factors as position or field of study. You can find the downloadable files below. 

TEK's salary statistics are based on an annual labour market survey.

We also survey the salaries TEK members earn abroad every three years (page in Finnish).  

Read more on salaries abroad (in Finnish)

TEK’s salary statistics contain information on salaries by position and field of study. Our salary statistics are available to our members and can be found here when you log in to the site. If you are not yet a member, join at the top of the page!

Personal salary advice

TEK’s experts provide personal salary advice to our members. Our experts also have access to international salary statistics that are subject to charge. You can contact salary counselling when you are, for example:

  • thinking about an appropriate salary request for a position you have applied for in Finland or abroad
  • looking to check your current salary level 
  • in need of tips for upcoming salary negotiations

Salary experts can be contacted via OmaTEK's communication channel or by phone at (09) 229 121. In legal questions relating to salaries (e.g. holiday bonuses and salaries, overtime compensation or salary payment at the end of an employment relationship) you can contact our lawyers.

Service is expedited if you tell us some background information about your job and yourself in your message:

  • briefly describe your job: title, central work tasks, position in the organisation, whether you have supervisor duties
  • information about your employer: field of operations, number of personnel
  • location of the workplace: Helsinki area or elsewhere in Finland
  • your educational background: degree, degree programme and year of graduation
  • whether you already had work experience prior to graduation (other than summer jobs, traineeships or thesis work)
  • information about your current salary level is also useful

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Salary negotiations

When and how should you discuss salary at work? Read the tips from our experts! 

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Henkilö työskentelemässä tietokoneella ja puhelimella

Salary recommendations

TEK makes recommendations for the salaries of recent graduates, trainees and thesis workers.

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Contact our salary experts

Send a message in OmaTEK's communication channel

Please add some background information in your message, such as title of your job, central work tasks, field of the employer, number of personnel, location and your educational background. Information about your current salary level is also useful.

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Call our service number

You may also reach TEK’s experts by phone on weekdays 9:00–16:00 (9:00–15:00 in July) at (09) 229 121. 

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