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As a TEK member you have access to a variety of benefits and services to support your career. Join your professional community now – student membership is free of charge!

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TEK is a community of over 80,000 university students and graduates in the field of technology. We are a professional organisation that supports you in your career. By becoming a member, you will have access to our experts, who can advise you on any issues regarding your work life in Finland.

You can become a member if you are studying for your first university degree in engineering, architecture, computer science or natural sciences (excluding students at universities of applied sciences and doctoral students). Your membership is free of charge.

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Benefits and services for student members

Job search as a student
Työkirja is the best guide for job seekers.
Salary recommendations
Salary recommendations based on study credits and personal salary advice.
Employment and law
Have your (summer) job contract checked or ask about your rights as an employee. As a member, you are also covered by liability and legal expenses insurance.
Terms and conditions of employment
The rules of your employment play a key role in determining whether you also have time for life outside work. We at TEK negotiate better terms and conditions of employment for our members.
Services for entrepreneurs
Comprehensive services and personal advice for those dreaming of or currently working as an entrepreneur.
Benefits for members
Discounts on rental cottages, wellbeing, leisure, banking, insurance and much more!
Events and trainings
Join our webinars and trainings with top speakers!
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Workbook job seeking guide

Workbook is a job-seeking and career guide for technology students. When you are looking for summer jobs, internships of thesis position, you can turn to it for: CV and cover letter examples, advice on job-interviews, tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, and how to look for a job in Finland. Workbook is published by TEK in collaboration with the career services of universities of technology in Finland. 

Check out Workbook

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Legal advice

Our lawyers and work life specialists are here for you. As a member, you are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding your employment or business. 

You can, for example

  • have your job contract checked by our lawyers before you sign it​
  • ask about your rights in work life or as an employee 

TEK membership also includes liability and legal aid insurance, covering legal costs arising from contractual disputes, personal injury and damage to material and property. ​

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Equality Guide

This Equality Guide offers concrete tips for building a more equal and non-discriminatory student culture as well as for intervening in inappropriate behaviour.

Check out the guide
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Have you graduated?

Congratulations! Check out the benefits and services for recent graduates. As a recent graduate, you will also get a discount on your TEK membership fee for the first 12 months.

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Students involved in decision-making

In total, there are around 50 student representatives on TEK's board, general council and committees. TEK student members have full representation at all levels of TEK's decision-making.

Read more on student representatives (in Finnish)

Read more on TEK's decision-making

In addition...

We research issues such as student employment, wellbeing and quality of studies.

We influence the quality of higher education in engineering.

We promote sustainable development and the role of technology in advancing it.

We maintain a website and social media channels for technology students (teekkarit).

Do you want to know more about TEK? 

You nearest TEK expert is the student liaison in your area. Check out their contact details below! 

TEK also sponsors local events and associations. It is important to us that the events and associations we support:

  • consider the environmental impact of their activities
  • do not enforce discriminatory criteria (such as gender) for membership
  • create opportunities for non-Finnish-speakers to participate in activities.

Contact the student liaison in your area for more information!

Vitaliy Gurov.
Vitaliy Gurov
Student liaison, Helsinki
Senni Auvinen.
Senni Auvinen
Student liaison, Lappeenranta
Katriina Mc Cormick
Katriina Mc Cormick
Student liaison, Turku
Juho Järvi.
Juho Järvi
Student liaison, Jyväskylä
Niina Tapanainen.
Niina Tapanainen
Student liaison, Otaniemi
Joel Tuomisto
Joel Tuomisto
Student liaison, Tampere
Vesa Taskinen 2023
Vesa Taskinen
Membership officer, students
Ida Parkkinen.
Ida Parkkinen
Student affair specialist

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