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Employment and law

TEK’s lawyers help you with the legal matters of work life. We provide advice to all our members, whether they are employees, employers or entrepreneurs.

Our lawyers have your back in the twists and turns of work life. You can contact us, for instance when you are about to sign a new employment contract, when you are concerned about a redundancy or layoff or when you are starting a business. 

Please note that our e-services, such as our legal databank, are available to you as soon as your membership has been approved. Our personal legal advice is available once you have paid at least the first instalment of your membership fee.

Explore also TEK Magazine's legal section, where we discuss current legal changes and other law-related topics that affect our members.

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Advice on your employment 

Our lawyers are here to help you in any situation involving labour legislation, such as:

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Legal advice for entrepreneurs

We provide legal advice for starting and working entrepreneurs on various topics, including:

  • starting a company
  • entrepreneur’s unemployment security
  • matters regarding labour law.

In addition, we comment on shareholders’ and commission agreements in which our member is personally a party. 

Please note that preparing contracts and tax matters are not part of our services. Tax advice is included in the service package of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (info in Finnish), which is available to TEK entrepreneurs at a discount. 

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Legal databank

The legal databank maintained by TEK’s lawyers contains information about labour legislation.

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Guides and document templates

Our guides provide information about employment, concluding contracts and entrepreneurship, among other topics. Pre-made document templates are also available for you to use.

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Liability and legal expenses insurance

TEK's professional liability and legal expenses insurance covers legal and litigation expenses of disputes and criminal cases arising from your employment relationship.

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A member discount on the legal services of Eversheds Asianajotoimisto

TEK members receive a 15 percent discount from Eversheds Asianajotoimisto Oy on services related to the following matters, for example:

  • Matters of family and inheritance law
  • Matters pertaining to agreements
  • Real estate and residential housing matters
  • Insurance and other compensation matters
  • Civil and criminal cases
  • Matters related to taxation
  • Counseling regarding the establishment of a company and company law
  • Matters related to public procurements
  • Matters related to corporate transactions
  • Matters related to the protection of immaterial rights and licensing (such as patent and copyright related matters)

Call Eversheds at 010 684 1406 or email tek@eversheds.fi. When contacting them, please mention that you are a TEK member to ensure that you receive the discount. 

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Send a message in OmaTEK's communication channel

Contact us via OmaTEK. If necessary, you can also attach relevant documents, such as employment contract. 

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Call our legal helpline

We are at your service on weekdays at 9.00-12.00. Please prepare for the call by having relevant documents at hand. 

Call (09) 229 121

Please contact us through one channel only with the same issue to avoid duplication of messages. Thank you.

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