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We know because we ask. The goal of TEK's research is to provide high-quality insights about the work life in the field of technology.
Work life and employment
What does the work life of a technology professional look like in Finland?
How are the students in technology field doing?
International experts
How do international experts find employment in Finland?
Diversity, equality and inclusion
How are DEI themes displayed at technology workplaces?
Global phenomena
How will AI, circular economy or continuing professional development shape our future? Check out these international reports.

News on TEK's research results

Ihminen istuu kasvot käsiinsä haudattuina, iso tumma varjo tavoittelee ihmistä.
Work life
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Survey of Akava affiliates: A quarter of employees feel their employers do nothing to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

At its worst, harassment can harm an employee’s mental health. A survey of the affiliates of Akava found that only less than a third of employers have intervened with sexual harassment that constitutes a criminal offence. Employees demand more effective measures.
Piirroskuva jossa ihmishahmoja
Work life
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Work life will soon demand more from us

Future work life may be better than before, but you should be prepared for these changes.
Opiskelija haalareissaan
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Students more concerned about their coping

The ability to identify problems in one's life is the key to good life management.
Pöydällä on tietokone, kahvikuppi, banaani ja älypuhelin
Work life
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Stalling housing market weakens employment situation in architecture and construction

The employment situation of professionals with a higher education degree in technology has remained good, but the number of unemployed people in the fields of architecture and construction has increased by no less than 64 per cent over the past year.
Tuulivoimaloiden pienoismallit
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Fresh tech graduates have insufficient sustainability skills

Universities need to place more emphasis on green skills.
Sofia Saarinen nojaa toimistohyllyyn.
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"Thank you for making me think" – Author of Equality Guide hopes students would feel better

Sofia Saarinen put together an equality guide for students as a project commissioned by TEK. According to Saarinen, the number one golden rule of equality is: listen and learn.
mies näyttää talopiirustusta
Work life
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Architects’ salaries are low for several reasons

There is a salary gap between the architect members of TEK and the members with other degrees. The gap is caused by the job roles, the industries and the lack of management positions.
Yrittäjä istuu läppärin ääressä.
Work life
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Earnings of full-time entrepreneurs increased

The entrepreneur members of TEK who have used TEK’s services are satisfied with them.
mies, nainen, valkoinen kypärä
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Sustainability transition requires more engineers, broad expertise and attractive goals

We need more engineers to facilitate the sustainability transition. There is also a need not only for STEM skills, but also many other competencies, such as systems thinking and data expertise. However, as TEK's Graduate Survey reveals, there is a lot of variation in the level of sustainability skills between different fields of education.

TEK's annual studies

Labour market survey

TEK annually conducts a labour market survey for our members. This survey provides information on such matters as the composition of TEK’s membership, how the members are placed within the job market, how they are paid, how their salaries are developing and what their working hours are. The goal is to gain reliable and current information on the status of TEK members for lobbying and social influencing purposes. The data gained from the survey is also utilised in member services such as salary counselling and the Salary Surveyor

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Graduate Survey

TEK and Finnish universities in technology carry out a yearly feedback survey for academic engineers and architects at the time of their graduation. The feedback data and the results are widely utilized by the universities in developing the education in engineering and architecture, as well as by TEK in influencing the educational policy making

TEK is responsible for coordinating the data collection process and infrastructure, and the universities are responsible for reaching their new graduates with the TEK Graduate Survey. TEK Graduate Survey is directed by the steering group, which consists of representatives of every participating university and TEK. 

Results from 2022

Results from 2021

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Student Survey

TEK's Student Survey provides information on students' employment, career expectations and attitudes towards work life. TEK's salary recommendations for internship and thesis work are determined based on the survey results.

The target group of the Student Survey includes all TEK student members (except those who have started their studies during the same year). The survey focuses on students’ summer jobs and working alongside studies as well as their wellbeing. The survey also has a changing theme.

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