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Services and benefits

We at TEK offer a wide range of membership services to support you at different stages in your career. Find out which services and benefits serve you best!
Employment and law
Our lawyers will help you in legal issues related to your work and business.
Job search and career
You have access to top tools for job search and career planning. Get to know also the Workbook guide for students!
What is the right salary level for you? Find out from our statistics!
Unemployment insurance
You may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit via an unemployment fund.
Work life in Finland
What you need to know before and while working in Finland.
We are here for you when work becomes too stressful.
Events and trainings
Learn new skills and get inspired in TEK's events and trainings!
Membership benefits
Get to know a variety of benefits and discounts on, for example, banking and insurances!
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Our services for different stages of your career



Job seeker



Työntekijät keskustelemassa palkasta, toimisto, avokonttori

How much does a TEK member earn?

Where do recent graduates get employed? What does DEI in the field of technology look like? We know, because we ask. Check out TEK's research results!

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TEK Lounge Lappeenranta tuolit toimisto

TEK Lounges are TEK members' living rooms!

TEK Lounge is a great and welcoming place for a day of remote working or for taking a break in between lectures. You can also meet TEK's specialists at your local TEK Lounge.

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Kolme henkilöä istuu rappusilla läppärin kanssa.

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TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of over 80,000 members. 

As a member you have access to a variety of services and valuable benefits to support your career and wellbeing. 

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