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Work life in Finland

The Finnish labour market is based on a collaborative approach with all societal parties involved in the market. TEK represents the interests of our members and promotes good working conditions for all.
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In Finland, a majority of people belong to a professional labour market organisation (also called a labour union or a trade union, in Finnish ammattijärjestö or ammattiliitto). Membership of a labour market organisation is a legal right and commonly accepted. Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK is one of the organisations for highly educated professionals in the field of technology. 

TEK is a partner in the national and local collective bargaining process and plays an important role in negotiating the terms of employment for professional engineers and architects. 

Collective negotiation takes place through negotiating organisations

The collective agreements of TEK members are negotiated by Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN in the private sector an JUKO in the public sector.

In practice, the negotiators are experts from TEK and other Akava organisations, who work together on behalf of the employment terms and conditions of all members of the Akava organisations. TEK, representing experts in technology, takes part in the negotiations regarding technology-related industries and other fields in which our members work.

Employers are represented in negotiations by employer organisations. If there is a generally binding collective agreement in force in a specific field, all employers in that field must comply with the collective agreement, including those who are not members of an employers' association. A normal binding collective agreement must only be followed only in companies who belong to an employers' organisation.

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We at TEK believe in reasonable and fair employment conditions to ensure the wellbeing of everyone within our professional community. 
Saku Laapio
Saku Laapio
Regional advisor, Lappeenranta
Mia Adolfsson
Mia Adolfsson
Regional advisor, Turku and Vaasa

International cooperation

We also work with multiple international organisations on work life related matters. If you have any questions regarding our international work, please contact Daniel Valtakari.

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