Whistleblower channel

TEK uses an anonymous whistleblower channel for reporting possible breaches according to the Whistleblower Act under the EU Whistleblower Directive.

Who and what kind of issues can be reported?


Through the whistleblower channel, you can report crimes or serious infringements committed by TEK employees or other people associated with the organisation.

You can report breaches of EU law, serious infringements of national law or other serious issues, as long as they involve people connected to the organisation (see above). The report can be made of a suspected or known breach.

The whistleblower channel cannot be used for taking care of matters relating to memberships or for providing feedback.

You can also use the channel to report issues that occurred before the whistleblower channel was established.


How to write a report


The report is made in writing and anonymously through a digital solution managed by an external provider.

  • Go to Whistleblower channel page. The default language of the portal is English, you can change the language from the top right corner.

  • If you’re writing a new report, select "Submit a report". Fill in the form as accurately as possible so that the person processing the notification can get an accurate picture of what has happened. You can also add attachments (JPG, PNG, PDF, XLS, XLSX), and the metadata of the attachments will be automatically deleted upon uploading to ensure your privacy. After submitting the report, you’ll receive a case number.

  • Please remember to keep the case number, as it is the only way to track the processing of your report and for you to answer any additional questions or otherwise complete the report. If you lose the case number, you’ll have to re-submit the report.

  • You can view your report on the whistleblower channel’s landing page by entering the case number.

The report is handled by TEK's processing team. The whistleblower will receive a confirmation of receipt no later than seven days after the report is submitted. In addition, the whistleblower will be replied to within three months of the confirmation.

When processing reports submitted via the whistleblower channel, the confidentiality of the personal data of the whistleblower and of any persons mentioned in the report will be ensured.


The information system used in the whistleblower channel is subject to a number of strict security requirements, including ensuring the anonymity and confidentiality of the data provided. This means that the person submitting a report through the channel is anonymous and will remain anonymous if they so wish. It also means that the system does not log IP addresses, all metadata of the uploaded files is deleted and all data transmission and storage is encrypted.


The recipient of the report is bound by confidentiality with regard to all information relating to the report.