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Membership benefits

As a TEK member you are entitled to a number of discounts and benefits on, for example, banking and insurances.
Most important insurances for your work and personal life.
Life insurance
The life insurance from Kaleva is one of the cheapest insurances for TEK members in Finland.
Danske Bank's benefits
Considerable benefits on housing loans and banking, for example.
Discounts on wellbeing, hobbies and holidays. By logging in, you will find discounts for TEK members.
Discounts for entrepreneurs
Check out the discounts for different services.
Membership magazines
You will receive the TEK Magazine as well as two Alma Talent magazines.
Supported wellbeing holidays (in Finnish)
As a TEK member, you and your family can apply for a supported full board wellbeing holidays.

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The partner services included in TEK's membership benefits and the benefits provided by the partners are subject to the the service provider's terms of service and data protection.