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TEK and Ekonomit: Envisaged changes to working life and immigration create a toxic combination for immigrants

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What is TEK?

TEK is a trade union for academic engineers and architects in Finland.

In Finland, trade unions work closely with the employers’ organisations to ensure that the Finnish market is open, fair and competitive. On a personal level, this means that we negotiate the framework for employment conditions and salaries on your behalf, to make sure you have fair working conditions.

We are a professional organisation that supports you in your career. By becoming a member, you will have access to our experts, who can advise you on any issues regarding your work life in Finland. Through our services, we will help you make informed choices in all aspects of your career, from how to get your foot in the market to navigating Finnish work life.

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Latest news and blogs

Puupino sellutehtaan pihassa.
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RDI requires a daily effort

Businesses in the forest industry invest more than 300 million euros annually in research, development and innovation. “Innovation activities do not just mean brand-new products.”
Perhe rannalla.
Work life
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Heading north

Russia’s attack on Ukraine brought Valentyna and Sergii Kononenko to Finland ahead of schedule to work and to look for a job.
Pöydällä on tietokone, kahvikuppi, banaani ja älypuhelin
Work life
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Stalling housing market weakens employment situation in architecture and construction

The employment situation of professionals with a higher education degree in technology has remained good, but the number of unemployed people in the fields of architecture and construction has increased by no less than 64 per cent over the past year.
Petro Lahtinen katsoo kameraan Woodion tehtaalla.
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Innovation discovered almost by accident

Petro Lahtinen has gone from a university laboratory straight to the global bathroom market. The next step is finding money and a location for a ten-million-euro factory investment.
Kaksi aikuista ja kaksi lasta venyttelee juoksuradalla.
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Discounted life insurance for TEK members from Kaleva

TEK members who utilize this benefit save an average of 564 euros per year on the normal price.
People in an office
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TEK and Ekonomit: Envisaged changes to working life and immigration create a toxic combination for immigrants

The government’s policies will make life in Finland harder for people with a foreign background and reduce the attractiveness of Finland in the international labour market.
Mari-Leena Talvitie
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Mari-Leena Talvitie re-elected as chair of TEK’s board

The General Council of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has re-elected Master of Science in Technology and Member of Parliament Mari-Leena Talvitie as the chair of TEK’s board. Talvitie wants TEK to continue promoting equality and dismantling discriminatory structures in working life.
Matti Vähä-Heikkilä yllään merkkejä täynnä olevat opiskelijahaalarinsa ja viitta, kuvattuna valkoista taustaa vasten.
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“Just graduate already!” – People on the street comment on patchful overalls

The well over one thousand fabric patches owned by Matti Vähä-Heikkilä from Turku would not fit on a standard pair of overalls, so he had to get a cape for them. The set is now on display at a museum in Lieto.
Tuulivoimaloiden pienoismallit
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Fresh tech graduates have insufficient sustainability skills

Universities need to place more emphasis on green skills.