TEK studies: Work life and employment

What is going on in the work life of technology professionals in Finland?

Vanhemmat pienen lapsen kanssa kotona.

How people in technology workplaces think about parental leaves

Parents with young children are familiar with the parental leave reform, and they feel that it contributes to a more even distribution of family leave between parents. Those working in the field of technology feel that the employers’ attitudes are supportive of families, and that the use of family leave is mostly welcomed in the workplace. For example, more than 90% of parents of children under school age think that their employer offers sufficient support for reconciling work and family life. On the other hand, there is a fair amount of uncertainty around family leave, and some parents with young children feel that the use of family leave may pose a threat to their career development.
Joukko ihmisiä istuu pöydän ääressä pohtimassa syntyjä syviä.

Entrepreneurs did well – seeking more services

According to TEK’s labour market survey, the earnings of TEK entrepreneur members increased. The average income for full-time entrepreneurs rose by over 10%, and even part-time entrepreneurs saw a 9% increase.
Kaksi kypäräpäistä työmaalla.

Academic engineer’s median salary rose to 5,597 euros - Collective agreement clause the most common reason for salary increase

According to the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK’s labour market survey, the most common reason for a salary increase was the general increase agreed in the collective agreement.

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Piirroskuva jossa ihmishahmoja

Work life will soon demand more from us

Future work life may be better than before, but you should be prepared for these changes.

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Pöydällä on tietokone, kahvikuppi, banaani ja älypuhelin

Stalling housing market weakens employment situation in architecture and construction

The employment situation of professionals with a higher education degree in technology has remained good, but the number of unemployed people in the fields of architecture and construction has increased by no less than 64 per cent over the past year.

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mies näyttää talopiirustusta

Architects’ salaries are low for several reasons

There is a salary gap between the architect members of TEK and the members with other degrees. The gap is caused by the job roles, the industries and the lack of management positions.

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Yrittäjä istuu läppärin ääressä.

Earnings of full-time entrepreneurs increased

The average annual income of full-time entrepreneur members of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK increased by nearly 10 percent over one year to almost 79,400 euros, according to TEK’s labour market survey. The median income remained the same as in 2021.

The average price of an invoiced day increased significantly for full-time entrepreneurs. The average price was almost 1,100 euros in 2022, compared to roughly 700 euros the year before.

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mies, nainen, valkoinen kypärä

Sustainability transition requires more engineers, broad expertise and attractive goals

We need more engineers to facilitate the sustainability transition. There is also a need not only for STEM skills, but also many other competencies, such as systems thinking and data expertise. However, as TEK's Graduate Survey reveals, there is a lot of variation in the level of sustainability skills between different fields of education.

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Maahan pudonnut kuumailmapallo.

Real salaries fell

The median salary of TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) members was 3.8 percent higher in October 2022 than a year earlier. However, consumer prices also increased by 8.3 percent.

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Ostoskärry makaa kyljellään lumessa.

TEK: Academic engineers’ purchasing power declined – “Companies can afford to increase salaries to maintain purchasing power”

The median monthly salary of university-educated engineers increased last year by 3.7 percent from the previous year to 5 420 euros. Despite this, the purchasing power of academic engineers declined, because consumer prices increased by 8.3 percent at the same time. TEK’s Labour Market Director Teemu Hankamäki calls on companies to take responsibility for the issue.

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Opiskelijoita kävelee rappusissa.

Master’s thesis for a company helps foreign professionals secure jobs

Students who write their thesis for a company are four times more likely to find high-quality employment.

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ihmisiä hallissa

Earnings of entrepreneur members increased

The median annual income of TEK's full-time entrepreneur members was 60,000 euros last year. In the previous year, the figure was 53,500 euros. Part-time entrepreneurs also earned more than before.

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Unemployment of recent graduates has declined dramatically

The number of unemployed recent graduates with a university degree in technology has decreased by 29 percent over the past year. In January, 83 recent graduates were fully unemployed.

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Aurinkopaneelit, kestävä kehitys, kiertotalous

Engineers Finland: Talent shortage threatens the green transition

According to a recent report, the green transition requires more tech talent and broader transferable skills, such as continuous learning and resilience in a rapidly evolving work environment.

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Palkkaero 2021 karttana.

There is a persistent salary gap between Uusimaa and the rest of Finland

The salaries of TEK members in the Uusimaa region are some 8 % higher than the salaries of members elsewhere in the country. This difference has not changed in years.

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Ihmisiä pöydän ääressä

TEK and Akava Works: The labour market is grooving once again

TEK’s members are doing better in the labour market than they have in ages. The number of laid off employees has plummeted from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and fewer members are unemployed.

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Kaksi henkilö juttelee valkotaulun äärellä

Academic engineers' median salary rises to 5 225 euros

Academic engineers now consider their own personal situation and the situation at their workplace to be clearly improved when compared to a year ago.

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Language requirements and prejudice hinder recruiting immigrants

Immigrants have a difficult labor market situation. Many of the disadvantages they face derive directly from discrimination and prejudice in recruitment practices and hiring on the part of employers.

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The median entrepreneur makes 53 500 euros

According to TEK’s Labour Market Survey 2020,TEK’s entrepreneur members make quite good money even though the COVID-19 year reduced earnings.

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The salary gap grows on the way to the top

The median salaries of men and women differ. The median man earns 7 000 euros more per year than the median woman. At top management levels, the difference grows to 15 000 euros.

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There are two job markets for recent graduates

The employment prospects of Finnish and international students look very different at the moment of graduation. The lack of contacts is a major barrier for the employment of international students.

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Gender the number one reason for work discrimination in tech

The most common reason for discrimination in tech workplaces is gender.

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