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How are students and recent graduates in the field of technology coping? How much do they work during their studies? Our research reveals what tech students and recent graduates are up to – read more!

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Does the field of study matter?

How easily do academic engineers and architects graduating from different fields of study find jobs? Are there major differences between different fields in terms of pay or the satisfaction with studies? TEK studied these questions.
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TEK Graduate Survey results 2023

Newly graduated academic engineers and architects are satisfied with their degrees. Of the academic engineers and architects who graduated in 2023, 91% would choose the same degree again. The employment situation at the time of graduation remained good, despite declining slightly from the year before. View the results in more detail on this page!
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Students more concerned about their coping

In 2022, 37 per cent of graduates under 35 in the field of technology or architecture were constantly or often concerned about their ability to cope during their studies. The percentage of concerned graduates had grown significantly from the previous year, by about four percentage points.

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Fresh tech graduates have insufficient sustainability skills

The sustainability competencies of students graduating from higher education institutions in the field of technology are surprisingly weak. The situation is particularly alarming among recent graduates in information technology. This is a concerning phenomenon, considering that engineers play a crucial role in the green transition, and implementing the transition will require sustainability skills.

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TEK Graduate Survey results 2022

Those who graduated in 2022 are very satisfied with their studies and would choose the same degree again. The employment situation is also good. However, the students' concern about their own coping has continued to increase. 36% of those who graduated in 2022 were often or all the time worried about their ability to cope. The Graduate Survey is conducted by TEK and Finnish universities in the field of technology. The survey describes the work situation of recent graduates and maps their thoughts about their studies.

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Almost everything is more important to students

When compared to full members, more students feel that TEK should initiate societal debate on topics of labor legislation, labor market advocacy, skills development in working life, climate change prevention, equality, inclusiveness and entrepreneurship.

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Already one in three university degrees in technology are delayed due to coping issues

“Aside from being a human problem, wearing out future talent while they are still at school is socially unsustainable,” says Director of Public Affairs Juhani Nokela from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK.

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TEK’s Student Survey: Minority groups are susceptible to harassment

Technology students belonging to minorities face more harassment and mistreatment than non-minority students. Their experiences include exclusion, undervaluing their skills, inappropriate comments and sexual harassment.

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Well-being over the academic year

“The labour market receives burnt-out graduates”

Half of technology students are concerned about their own well-being, says the latest student survey conducted by TEK. Students working towards their bachelor's degrees were more concerned than master's students. 

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TEK Graduate Survey 2020

COVID-19 impacted the employment of graduates in 2020. It also contributed to slight delays in studies. However, graduates are still very satisfied with their degree. TEK and universities of technology use a survey to survey recent graduates' thoughts on work and study. 

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There are two job markets for recent graduates

The employment prospects of Finnish and international students look very different at the moment of graduation. The lack of contacts is a major barrier for the employment of international students.

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Salary recommendations

TEK gives starter salary recommendations for recent graduates and trainees annually. Check out what kind of salary you can ask for!

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