Graduate Survey, opiskelija makaa sohvalla

TEK Graduate Survey 2021

Those who graduated in 2021 are very satisfied with their studies and would choose the same degree again. The employment situation is also good. However, the challenges related to well-being and coping can be seen in recent graduates. The Graduate Survey is conducted by TEK and Finnish universities in the field of technology. The survey describes the work situation of recent graduates and maps their thoughts about their studies.


You can familiarize yourself with the results of those who graduated in 2021 in the interactive visualization below. The different tabs of the visualization have information on different topics. You can filter the data using the menus or by clicking on the patterns. Visualization works best in full screen mode.

Use the link below to view the visualization in Tableau Online:…

TEK Graduate Survey Time Series

The time series visualization has compiled the results of the years 2016-2021 for the following themes of the survey:

  • Competence
  • Employment
  • Satisfaction with studies

Time series visualization makes it easier to follow development and positive changes as well as locate key development targets.

From the link below, you can familiarize yourself with the time series visualization for the years 2016-2021 in the Tableau Online tool.…

You can also check out the visualization below. Visualization works best in full screen mode.