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Does the field of study matter?

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How easily do academic engineers and architects graduating from different fields of study find jobs? Are there major differences between different fields in terms of pay or the satisfaction with studies? TEK studied these questions.

Graduate Survey 2023 respondent demographics.

Several points

Industrial management students had the highest pay at the time of graduation, a median monthly salary of €4,000.

Architects and industrial management graduates were most satisfied with their degree: 87% of them would choose the same degree again. 

Architects had been most concerned about their ability to cope during their studies. 57% of them said that they had been worried constantly or several times. Students of industrial management had been least concerned about their ability to cope. The corresponding percentage for them was 24%.

46% of the recent graduates who were employed worked in research and development. The second-most common job for graduates was in product development and the third was consulting.

63% of the graduates had gained at least one year of work experience in their own field while studying. 88% of them found this useful. 60% of all the respondents reported that their studies or graduation had been delayed. The most common reasons for the delays were working while studying (50%), a delay in finding a thesis job or a topic (23%) and the COVID-19 pandemic (21%).

Field of studyMechanical & Energy EngineeringElectrical & Automation EngineeringICTProcess & Materials EngineeringBuilding Construction & Surveying TechnologyIndustrial ManagementArchitecture
Employment and studies       
High-quality employment*51%52%46%42%52%53%28%
A valid work contract or knows where one is going to be employed at the time of graduation.82%78%78%68%83%89%67%
Basic wage or salary, EUR/month (median)3 600 €3 500 €3 758 €3 400 €3 700 €4 000 €3 485 €
Would choose the same basic degree and degree progamme / major subject again.78%77%80%76%72%87%87%
Has gained at least one year of work experience in their own field while studying.65%54%70%51%71%70%74%

* By high-quality employment, we mean working full-time in a job whose demands correspond well or very well to the respondent's level of education.

How the survey was conducted

The TEK Graduate Survey was conducted among academic engineers and architects around Finland who graduated in 2023. A total of 2,045 graduates answered the survey. This is 59% of all the academic engineers and architects who graduated in 2023. TEK conducted the survey in cooperation with Finnish universities in the field of technology. The feedback survey is part of the ongoing cooperation between TEK and universities of technology.

More information

What topics does TEK study?

We at TEK are constantly researching the field of technology: employment, salaries, equality, and coping with work or studies, for example. We have studied and published information on many themes for years – you are welcome to examine and compare the results using, for example, time series visualizations. Read more about our research: