TEK studies: International experts

How does working life change when the technology sector becomes international? Can international students find a career in Finland and what is it like to build a life in Finland as an immigrant? Find out in TEK's studies.

Opiskelijoita kävelee rappusissa.

Master’s thesis for a company helps foreign professionals secure jobs

A critical factor for finding employment and settling in Finland as an international student is writing your master’s thesis for a company. A student from outside the EU who writes their thesis for a company is four times more likely to get a job that matches their education than a student who writes their thesis outside the private sector. This result was revealed by the Graduate Survey conducted by the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK.

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Language requirements and prejudice hinder recruiting immigrants

Immigrants have a difficult labor market situation. Many of the disadvantages they face derive directly from discrimination and prejudice in recruitment practices and hiring on the part of employers.

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There are two job markets for recent graduates

The employment prospects of Finnish and international students look very different at the moment of graduation. The lack of contacts is a major barrier for the employment of international students.

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