The five finalists for the Finnish Engineering Award 2021

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TP: Finland and Sweden agree on salaries in a very similar manner

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Hundreds of companies about to lose their option of local bargaining next week

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Latest news and blogs

Work life
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Hankamäki: Knowledge reduces suffering

The largest companies are the ones most happy with the Finnish collective bargaining system.
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Hundreds of companies about to lose their option of local bargaining next week

Is this what the manoeuvre was all about – surely not?
Onel Luis Alcaraz López in the front yard of Oulu University
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In 6G network, even electricity is transmitted wirelessly

The winner of the dissertation of the year outlined how machines communicate most efficiently in the mobile network of the future. Wireless power transfer, on the other hand, may relieve IoT appliances of electric wires and batteries.
Aalto-yliopiston kampusrakennus jossa yliopiston logo
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TEK donates 1.2 million euros to universities

TEK’s General Council decided to donate 1.2 million euros to universities of technology.
Äiti kantaa vauvaa
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Family leave reform – what changes?

The coming reform completely reshapes earnings-related family leave. The reform is intended to enter into effect in August 2022.
TEKin väitöskirjapalkittu, apulaisprofessori Onel Luis Alcazar López seisoo tummaa seinää vasten ja pitää kannettavaa tietokonetta kädessään.
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TEK, TFiF and MAL give out awards for the best theses in 2021

This year’s award-winning theses in technology examined the development of connections in the Internet of Things, the Earth's magnetosphere, drone jamming and quasiregularly elliptic manifolds.
Mies katsoo läppäriä
Work life
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Obligation to pay compensation extended to all non-competition agreements at the turn of the year

The key change is that the employer now has to pay compensation to the employee for the period they are bound by the non-competition agreement.
Kolme henkilöä keskustelemassa työasioista
Work life
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How much salary should you ask for?

Our studies have demonstrated that salaries remain a taboo subject at many workplaces. For this reason, many people might find themselves at a loss when they are asked to make a salary request as they are offered a promotion or seeking a new job. As a member of TEK you have access to the Salary Surveyor and our salary statistics that offer great comparative information on salaries in your sector.
Mies esittelee tussitaulua, jossa matemaattisia kaavoja
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Circular economy requires skilled engineers

The engineering community plays a key role in the transition towards a circular economy. The skills needed in a circular society require changes in all higher education in the field of technology, the report states.