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Akava states that the quality of education and its upkeep must be at the centre of growth policy.
News article | 4.4.2016
Hundreds of experts with foreign backgrounds graduate from Finnish universities of technology every year. Robit from Lempäälä and BHM Technology from Rauma share their views on why companies should hire these international talents.
News article | 7.4.2016
The joint feedback survey sent to recent graduates by TEK and universities of technology reveals the harsh reality: two thirds of recently graduated Finnish engineers are employed, but only one in four non-Finnish engineering graduates can say the same.
News article | 24.2.2016
It is much more difficult for recent graduates with a foreign background to find a job than it is for Finns.
News article | 25.2.2016
As an entrepreneur member of TEK, you can obtain inexpensive service package from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises
News article | 25.2.2016
This year marks the 120th anniversary of TEK. During the year, TEK will donate a total of one million euro for Finnish universities of technology.
News article | 16.3.2016
The labour market organisations finally agreed on a broad labour market pact. It makes working hours a bit longer and will cut the income of employees.
News article | 17.3.2016
Do you know what kind of money is made in your line of work?
News article | 21.3.2016
The association of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has chosen its 70-member representative assembly for the coming three-year period.
News article | 11.4.2017
If you want to have an influence on your professional community and participate in decision-making, now is a good time to consider putting yourself forward as a candidate in TEK’s elections!
News article | 29.9.2016
This fundamental question is about to receive new, fascinating answers in the near future, thanks to robotics and automation. Or how do these titles sound to you: big data deep diver, agent for 3D organs, data hostage resolver, or traffic planner for self-driving systems?
News article | 23.9.2016
Eero Valkama and Iiro Kumpulainen, 18-year-old students from Finland, won a prize in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in Brussels on 19 September.
News article | 20.9.2016
Kone was the only traditional industry operator that retained its popularity in the employer image 2016 survey by T-Media. Kone was placed second among all employers. The other top companies among highly educated trade and technology employees were Supercell, Vincit and Reaktor.
News article | 27.9.2016
Did you graduate without a job or did you lose your job? Did you have a baby? TEK supports you.
News article | 29.9.2016
Teekkarin työkirja lists employers who will offer summer jobs, internships, thesis work and trainee programmes in summer 2017.
News article | 29.9.2016
Free education attracts foreign talent to Finland, but foreigners struggle to find employment due to insufficient language skills and local networks.
News article | 30.9.2016
Professor Michael Kosterlitz, who is one of the three awardees, currently works at Aalto University as a Visiting Fellow.
News article | 5.10.2016
TEK has opened a new Facebook group to offer interactive platform for TEK’s members and to provide information and news about TEK in English.
News article | 26.10.2016
During TEK’s 120th anniversary event in Espoo on 17 November, prizes were presented for four especially distinguished academic theses.
News article | 24.11.2016
The TEK Council gathered for a meeting in Otaniemi on 17–18 November.
News article | 24.11.2016
Will you be attending Slush between 30 November and 1 December?
News article | 24.11.2016
New discount available for online payment.
News article | 24.11.2016
The brand new Teekkarin työkirja job search and career guide is here to help you!
News article | 24.11.2016
TEK and business incubator Nestholma have teamed up to create a new crowdfunding model for technology startups.
News article | 20.4.2016
Emerging markets create new kinds of business opportunities for anyone who wants to innovate with a new mindset.
News article | 28.4.2016
At Pre-Wappu event, a networking evening for the international members of TEK and Suomen Ekonomit, André Noël Chaker encouraged his audience by quoting Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”
News article | 29.4.2016
The Aalto University Student Union AYY has awarded TEK with an honorable mention for improving the employment skills of students with a foreign background.
News article | 18.5.2016
Nearly 80 per cent of freshly graduated Masters of Science in Technology and architects have found employment that corresponds well or very well with their education. The results have improved in the past four years. The data is based on a survey conducted by TEK.
News article | 18.5.2016
According to a survey conducted by TEK, the members of the union still have a long way to go before the working life can be called equal.
News article | 18.5.2016
The understanding of the level of Finnish technology among political decision-makers has developed in a negative direction. However, the private sector is bringing some light of hope in the otherwise bleak situation revealed by the Technology Barometer.
News article | 18.1.2017