Discounted membership fees

You may be eligible for a discount on your regular TEK membership fee. See the terms and conditions.

You may be given a discount on the full TEK membership fee on the grounds specified below, provided that the total membership fee does not fall below the prescribed minimum of EUR 117 per year (EUR 9,75/month) for a member of the unemployment fund or EUR 51 per year for other TEK members.

You can send your application for a membership fee discount in writing to the membership service as an informal letter specifying the name of the applicant, the reason for the requested discount, and the date on which the discount will begin and end. Please include documents that verify the reasons for your application, such as a statement for family leave or full-time studies.

You can send your application to If you prefer, you can send it in a secured email, read more here.

The reason for the discount must continue for an uninterrupted period of at least three months for you to qualify for the discount. A discount may be given retroactively only from the beginning of the year. You must send your discount application during the same year, latest on 31 December. Please note, you cannot apply for a retroactive discount for previous years. The discount for spouses always starts in the beginning of the month following the application. 

If the reason for your membership fee discount ends earlier than the granted discount period, then you must notify TEK. A discount ends when the reason for the discount ends. 

Please note, members are not eligible for a discounted membership fee, if they are working part time (e.g. part-time retirement, partial child care leave, part-time work).