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The Finnish Engineering Award 2018 was granted to the Lappeenranta-based Visedo Oy for their development and implementation work regarding smart and electronic transmission systems.
News article | 15.5.2018
Kone was the only traditional industry operator that retained its popularity in the employer image 2016 survey by T-Media. Kone was placed second among all employers. The other top companies among highly educated trade and technology employees were Supercell, Vincit and Reaktor.
News article | 27.9.2016
The satisfaction of recent graduates with an academic degree in technology with the university education they have received in the field of technology has grown steadily from 2016–2019.
News article | 31.12.2020
CEO Jari Jokinen from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK demands a tax overhaul. – It is not encouraging to see more than half of the salary increase go straight to the tax authorities.
News article | 7.1.2021
Graduate survey's privacy statement defines how the data related to TEK's Graduate Survey is handled.
If there are antibiotics in the water, cells start to produce green light.
News article | 5.10.2020
TEKin väitöskirjapalkittu, apulaisprofessori Onel Luis Alcazar López seisoo tummaa seinää vasten ja pitää kannettavaa tietokonetta kädessään.
This year’s award-winning theses in technology examined the development of connections in the Internet of Things, the Earth's magnetosphere, drone jamming and quasiregularly elliptic manifolds.
News article | 15.11.2021
Onel Luis Alcaraz López in the front yard of Oulu University
The winner of the dissertation of the year outlined how machines communicate most efficiently in the mobile network of the future. Wireless power transfer, on the other hand, may relieve IoT appliances of electric wires and batteries.
News article | 24.11.2021
Opiskelija, luento, opiskelu
COVID-19 impacted the employment of graduates in 2020. It also contributed to slight delays in studies. However, graduates are still very satisfied with their degree. TEK and universities of technology use a survey to survey recent graduates' thoughts on work and study.
Kaksi henkilö juttelee valkotaulun äärellä
Academic engineers now consider their own personal situation and the situation at their workplace to be clearly improved when compared to a year ago.
News article | 17.1.2022