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TEK's election

Join us in making decisions on TEK’s future! #TEKvaalit
Get to know the candidates and the election platforms of electoral alliances!
Election engine
What do candidates think about the future of TEK and the technology industry in Finland? Fill out the election engine and find the candidate who aligns with your views!
Electronic election
Vote electronically – TEK and the environment thank you!
Vote in the election
The voting period starts on March 20th 2023 at 9.00. We encourage everyone to vote electronically.
Information for candidates
Has an electoral officer asked you to become a candidate? Read more about the candidacy!
Instructions to stand as a candidate
The candidate registration has ended on 6 February 2023.
Information about the election
Get to know TEK's election: why, what, when?
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An electronic vote is also a vote for the environment

For each electronic vote, we donate €3 to an environmental cause, and when you vote electronically you can also choose that cause from a list we have compiled. 

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