Paneelissa keskusteltiin inhimillisestä työelämästä
Panellists Marjo Matikainen-Kallström (second from left), Mikko Lasanen, Juha Korpijärvi and Aliisa Pietilä discussed humane working life with host Jussi Nousiainen (left).

TEK’s Council discussed humane working life

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The autumn meeting of TEK’s General Council was held in Tripla, Pasila, 23–24 November. The Council Arena was organised for the first time in conjunction with the meeting.

Prior to the ordinary meeting of the General Council, the Council Arena was organised on the topic of “Humane Working Life”. The keynote speech at the event was delivered by PhD Laura Lares.

"I have never before been as concerned as I am now, but on the other hand, I have never been as hopeful for the humaneness of working life."

Lares also emphasised the appreciation of adequacy both in ourselves and others.

Laura Lares
“The pressure to be good enough causes a lot of distress for people. Folks are trying to figure out who they should be to be enough, to whom they need to prove themselves, in what ways and what is enough. Many love their jobs, but do jobs love them back?

In addition, Professor Arto O. Salonen gave a video presentation on the sense of meaning in working life and “explainer of the present” Petri Rajaniemi talked about the role of trade unions in the world today.  Council members had a chance to discuss all the themes of the presentations in panel discussions with members from various council factions.

Board develops work of committees

The Council Arena was followed by the ordinary meeting of the General Council. Chair of TEK’s Board Mari-Leena Talvitie talked about the early days of the Board, which was elected in the organisation meeting in September, especially in terms of reforming the work of the committees.

“The Board decided to reform the work done by the committees. We divided the committees into labour market committees and theme committees. Separate working groups were set up to develop them. The labour market committees will continue the same as before, but the names, goals and purpose of the theme committees will be slightly updated.”

Mari-Leena Talvitie
Talvitie said that the council factions will nominate their own representatives for the different committees.

The General Council also approved the new magazine benefits that entered into force at the turn of the year. More information about the reform will be provided to members by e-mail and on TEK’s website.

In addition, the meeting approved the action plan, budget and membership fee for the year 2024. TEK’s membership fee will remain the same as in 2023, i.e. 351 euros per year for full members who are also members of the unemployment fund.

Julius Haapakoski from Tampere was appointed the student representative of the Board in 2024 and Casimir Ruohomaa from Turku was appointed their personal deputy member.