Läppäri ja muistivihko pöydällä.

Electronic election

The TEK elections also consider the environment.

Electronic election raised nearly €35,000 for the environment ‹
The most popular cause was a donation for the Baltic Sea via John Nurminen's Foundation.

An electronic vote is also a vote for the environment

For each electronic vote, we donate €3 to an environmental cause, and those who voted electronically also got to choose that cause from a list we have compiled. 

Donation causes:

Donations will be made to the causes in accordance with the votes cast, €3 per vote. The votes cast for each cause and the votes cast in the TEK election cannot be linked to one another.

Selection of electronic election material

In these elections, it was possible to choose to receive all election communications only electronically. The choice had to be made by February 10 in the OmaTEK member portal. You could still vote electronically, even if you did not choose electronic election material.

How can I vote electronically?

You can vote electronically on a separate voting site. We have sent all eligible voters a link to the voting site when voting begun. The electronic voting period begun on Monday 20 March at 9.00 and ended on Monday 3 April at 23.59.

Register as an electronic voter by identifying yourself with a Finnish online banking ID or in two steps by entering an email address or a phone number to which we will send a separate code. You can log in to the voting page using the code.

Please note that the email or telephone number must match the information you have provided in OmaTEK membership portal. If you update your details during the voting period, please note that there may be a delay of a couple of days in transferring your details.