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TEK is founded, owned and managed by its members. The general council, chosen from among the members, is TEK’s highest decision-making body.

TEK’s decision-making is based on member democracy. TEK’s members choose the General Council, TEK’s highest decision-making body, in an election. The board chosen by the council is responsible for TEK’s operations in accordance with the Associations Act. The board chooses a CEO who is responsible for TEK’s operative functions and leads TEK's office. Committees serve as advisers to the board in matters pertaining to their fields of expertise. 

Student members also have representation in the council, the board and the committees.

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK (Tekniikan Akateemisten Liitto ry) consists of Tekniikan Akateemiset ry and Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TFiF rf.

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