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As the keynote speaker, we have the former U.S. ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck.
News article | 19.4.2018
TEK Lounge
TEK membership is an investment in your career.
TEK Lounge
As a member you will have access to Finland's best specialists, services and benefits to support your career as an expert in technology.
Keep your details and contact information up-to-date – you will be the first to know about current news in your industry and the services available to you.
You may be eligible for a discount on your regular TEK membership fee. See the terms and conditions.
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Do you have a friend or a colleague who is not yet a TEK member? Recommend TEK membership!
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Confidentiality and protecting our members' information are important to us. Here you can find our privacy policy, instructions for making a data request and our GDPR compliant privacy statements.
Membership register’s privacy statement defines how members' personal data is handled.
In 2021 TEK's membership fee is EUR 351 (EUR 29.25 per month).