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Recommend TEK membership

Do you have a friend or a colleague who is not yet a TEK member? Recommend TEK membership!

We wish to encourage TEK members to recommend membership to their friends and acquaintances. We also encourage Akava's employee representatives from other unions to recommend TEK's membership to those university educated technology professionals they represent. We will reward full members of TEK with a 50 euro discount on their membership fee and Akava representatives and other TEK members with a EUR 50 Super gift card if their recommendation leads to a new member joining TEK.

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Why should you recommend TEK membership?

The more there are of us, the more influence we will have on matters that are important to us, the better services we can provide to our members and the more reliable our information will be, for example, regarding our members' salary levels in different positions.

To whom can you recommend the membership?

Persons who have completed the degree of Master of Science in Technology, Architect or some other equivalent STEM degree (e.g., mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and applied geographers) may become full members of TEK. University students of these fields can become student members.

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How should you recommend TEK membership?

We do not want anyone to be pressured into becoming a TEK member. The decision to join is always up to the person themself. What is important is having a discussion where you listen to the other person and appreciate their opinions. You can encourage those who have doubts and tell them your view of why being a member of TEK is important and what benefits it entails. You can review our membership benefits and services here. Also remember to tell them that the membership fee is tax-deductible in its entirety and it will be automatically added to your pre-completed tax return form.