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Membership fees

In 2024 TEK's membership fee is €351 (€29.25 per month).

Full members

TEK's full membership fee (for graduated members) in 2024 is €351 (€29.25 per month) and it includes membership of The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO.

If you join TEK during the year, you only have to pay for the months remaining in that year. 

All TEK membership fees are tax-deductible. TEK sends details of membership fee payments directly to the tax authority.

Members who are not members of the Unemployment Fund for Highly Educated KOKO

If you do not belong to the KOKO fund via TEK, you only pay TEK's membership fee of €288 (€24 per month). 

If you wish resign from the KOKO fund, you must notify TEK's member service via OmaTEK. You cannot resign retroactively. 

If you join another unemployment fund, you must do so within one month of resigning from the KOKO fund in order for your previous membership to be calculated in fulfilling your "work condition".

Read more at KOKO fund's website 


The membership fee for retired members is €48 in 2024.

For an additional fee, you can order Alma Talent's magazines at a reduced price (maximum 2 magazines, delivered within Finland). You can choose the magazines you want from the following: Arvopaperi, Fakta, Mikrobitti, Talouselämä, Tekniikka&Talous and Tietoviikko.

Prices 2024

Combined subscription (paper+digital), Talouselämä €4.25/month (€51/year)

Combined subscription (paper+digital), other magazines €2.25/month (€27/year)

Digital magazine, Talouselämä €2.25/month (€27/year)

Digital magazine, other magazines €1.75/month (€21/year) 


This policy also applies to members on disability pension. You must first notify TEK's member service via OmaTEK of your retirement or if you are not TEK member yet, you can join here. The change will take effect from the start of the month following your notification.


Student membership is free of charge. If you are a member of the The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO, the fund fee is €5.25 per month. Visit KOKO fund's website for more information. 

Read more on student membership

Members living abroad

A full member living outside of the Nordic countries pays an annual membership fee of €117 or €9.75 per month during the time spent abroad. This includes a subscription to TEK magazine and membership of the KOKO fund. Please note, you should check the regulations governing unemployment benefits while living abroad. You must first notify TEK's member service via OmaTEK about moving abroad. Change in the fee will take effect from the start of the month following the notification. 

Dual members

RIL-TEK membership: check website at www.ril.fi for further details.
SAFA-TEK membership: check website at www.safa.fi for further details.
OAJ-TEK membership: annual fee of €112 for dual membership of TEK.
TFiF-TEK membership: check website at www.tfif.fi for further details.

Read more on dual membership

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Membership fee discounts

You may be eligible for a discount on your regular TEK membership fee if you are, for example, unemployed, on family or study leave or living abroad.

Read more

Payment methods

You may pay the TEK membership fee in a single invoiced instalment or in four instalments spread throughout the year. 

Save money and switch to e-invoice. From 1.1.2023 there is an extra fee €3/per paper invoice. 

You may transfer your membership fee to e-invoicing in your own online bank by ordering Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK's membership fee invoice as an e-invoice. Depending on your bank, either a social security number and / or a membership fee reference number are required as identification. 

Through e-invoicing, you can pay the membership fee also monthly. The instalment selection is made by authorization through your bank. The number of instalments can also be informed to our member service in OmaTEK


If you don't pay the membership fee

If you don't pay the TEK membership fee, you will not be able to receive any of TEK's services such as legal advice, career coaching or salary advice. 

If your membership fee is not paid, you will be deregistered from TEK's membership at the end of the calendar year. This may also result in termination of your KOKO fund membership. 

You may only rejoin TEK by paying all unpaid membership fees.

For further details

For further details of membership fees, please contact TEK's member service.