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50 euron seteli roikkuu ilmapalloon kiinnitettynä taivaalla.
Many of the top earners in 2022 work in the tech industry. But why do only the men in tech seem to make it to the top of the income ladder?
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Nainen lukee Tekniikka & Talous -lehteä sohvalla.
As a TEK member you are entitled to a number of discounts and benefits on, for example, banking and insurances.

Nainen lukee Tekniikka & Talous -lehteä sohvalla.
Alma Talent's magazine benefits for TEK members will change in 2024. Read more below.

Kolme henkilöä kahvilassa
TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 77,000 members. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career. We provide legal advice, career coaching, and salary advice to our members.

Opiskelijoita istuu auringossa haalarit päällä
TEK gives starter salary recommendations for recent graduates and trainees annually. Check out what kind of salary you can ask for!

Vastavalmistunut puhuu puhelimessa
The starter salary recommendation is a good starting point for requesting a specific salary as a new graduate. When thinking about your desired salary, you might also want to take a look at TEK's Salary Surveyor and salary statistics.
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Henkilö työskentelemässä tietokoneella ja puhelimella
Looking for a summer job or a thesis job? Should you join an unemployment fund? What kind of salary you should ask for?

Opiskelijoita istuu LUT-yliopiston nurmikolla.
As TEK's student member you have access to a variety of benefits and services to support your career. Join your professional community now – student membership is free of charge!

You may be eligible for a discount on your regular TEK membership fee. See the terms and conditions.

Nainen seisoo puhelimen kanssa käytävällä.
Membership in an unemployment fund is a safety net in case of unemployment.

Kaksi henkilöä keskustelee pöydän ääressä.
TEK’s lawyers help you with the legal matters of work life. We provide advice to all our members, whether they are employees, employers or entrepreneurs.

Henkilöitä TEK Loungessa, henkilökunta, jäsenet, työyhteisö
We at TEK offer a wide range of membership services to support you at different stages in your career. Find out which services and benefits serve you best!

How will AI, circular economy or continuing professional development shape our future? Check out these international reports.

How are DEI themes displayed at technology workplaces?

How are students and recent graduates in the field of technology coping? How much do they work during their studies? Our research reveals what tech students and recent graduates are up to – read more!

What is going on in the work life of technology professionals in Finland?

Kaksi henkilöä analysoimassa tutkimustuloksia
We know because we ask. The goal of TEK's research is to provide high-quality insights about the work life in the field of technology.

How does working life change when the technology sector becomes international? Can international students find a career in Finland and what is it like to build a life in Finland as an immigrant? Find out in TEK's studies.

Kolme henkilöä kävelee ja pyöräilee rakennusten edessä.
Are you about to graduate or have you already completed your degree? Congratulations! As a recent graduate, you get full TEK membership at a discounted price for the first year.