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News article | 5.6.2017
Due to the Competitiveness Pact, the median salary for a Master of Science in Technology has only risen by 0.2 per cent since last year. The improved economy has resulted in higher employment rates.
News article | 11.12.2017
Having a genuinely dad friendly workplace is a part of the culture, not just following the legal minimum requirements or singular practices.
News article | 6.8.2018
Has your office relocated to your kitchen? Read our tips and guideline for working from home.
News article | 3.4.2020
The most common reason for discrimination in tech workplaces is gender.
News article | 29.9.2020
Promoting diversity is not only the right thing to do, but also good for the organisation.
News article | 12.10.2020
Sleeping can be practiced like any other skill.
News article | 27.10.2020
Highly educated immigrants may also be in a tough position. Losing your job causes worry about the continuity of the residence or work permits, in addition to other problems.
News article | 13.5.2020
Only about half of international students who graduate from university in technical fields find employment within a year.
News article | 30.6.2020
Read more about the negotiations and strike pay below.
News article | 27.12.2019