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Suomen ja Ruotisin liput liehuvat taivasta vasten.
According to a recent survey by Industrial Employees TP, the labour market models of Finland and Sweden are very similar to each other. They are both characterised by the strong role of export companies and a high degree of unionisation.
News article | 29.10.2021
Shannon Nichols ja Patricia Virsinger pictured walking in Tampere city centre
The Finnish language requirements of workplaces are too high and residence permit processes are too long, say TEK project researchers Shannon Nichols and Patricia Virsinger, who themselves are international students.
News article | 27.10.2021
Daniel Valtakari, TEK
On a European level, I want to empower personnel to participate more in decision-making that concerns them. In terms of university collaboration, I already have my eyes set on this winter’s salary negotiations in academia.
Blog post | 31.8.2022
Henkilöitä istuu TFiF-TEK Loungessa Turussa.
Important new research data for expert shortages: A large proportion of the highly educated foreigners living in Finland have settled in well and work in positions that match their qualifications. However, the study indicates that there are still areas for development when it comes to integrating into Finnish society.
News article | 25.10.2022
Opiskelijoita kävelee rappusissa.
Students who write their thesis for a company are four times more likely to find high-quality employment.
News article | 26.10.2022
Kyniä pöydällä
EU companies will be required to disclose information on salaries to expose existing gender pay gaps, the European Parliament states in their press release.
News article | 15.12.2022
EU:n liput liehuvat, taustalla virastotaloja.
EU Directives are among the things that affect the terms of employment of TEK members.
News article | 24.1.2023
People in an office
Etla Economic Research estimates that Finland needs up to 44,000 net immigrants to halt the decline in the workforce. Skilled workers are needed in Finnish growth companies, for example.
News article | 8.2.2023