Aalto yliopisto


Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland - TEK is a professional and labour market organisation.
  • TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a membership of 70,000. 
  • We represent 70 percent of working graduate engineers. Members also include physicists, mathematicians, IT specialists and students. 
  • TEK is the second largest organisation affiliated to Akava, Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. 

About 50.000 of our members are Masters of Science in Technology or other professionals working in the field of technology. In addition, 24.000 students of technology or natural sciences are TEK members.

On behalf of its members TEK negotiates and concludes collective agreements concerning salaries and conditions of employment in industry and in the service and public sectors. TEK is involved in professional, educational and social matters related to work, employment and the careers of its members at regional, national and international levels. TEK also promotes technology for the benefit of people, the environment and society.


Every third year the TEK members elect 70 representatives to the Council. The Council elects 10 members to the Board for a three year period. The headquarters in Helsinki employs about 50 persons. The staff of TEK reports to the Board. Ten committees assist the Board and the head office of the union.