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Danske Bank's benefits

Danske Bank offers valuable benefits on investments and housing loans, for example.

Danske Bank gives you extensive benefits to help you build you own economy and financial peace of mind.

Housing loan benefits 

Lower margin than without membership. No delivery or origination fees.

Investor benefits

There’s a suitable way for everyone to invest regardless of whether you prefer to invest on your own, seek a convenient ready-made solution or want personal advice.

NEW! Student benefits

Take advantage of top benefits for student loans, credit cards, regular fund savings, and equity savings accounts.

Benefits for recent graduates

Danske Platinum Plus daily banking service package without a monthly charge and Mastercard Platinum credit card without an annual charge. The credit card’s Priority Pass feature gives you four (4) free airport lounge visits a year. 

Danske Harvest Account 

Rewarding and flexible account saving for Akava members. 

Benefit loan  

Unsecured loan for higher education graduates. 



This is not an offer from the bank. Eligibility for a credit card and loan requires a positive credit decision. Danske Bank checks the customer’s credit report with Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the Positive Credit Register when making the credit decision.

Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch, Televisiokatu 1, Helsinki, PL 1243, 00075 DANSKE BANK. Business Identity Code 1078693-2.

Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen Danish Business Authority CVR. No. 61 12 62 28.