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Give your vote to an expert in technology

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Members of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK are in the middle of a busy election spring.

In addition to TEK’s General Council election, TEK members get to vote in the parliamentary elections, which will be held on 2 April 2023. Advance voting is possible in Finland 22–28 March 2023 and abroad 22–25 March 2023

The parliamentary elections determine many issues that have been shown to be important to TEK members.

The talent shortage should not stump the growth of Finland.
- Juhani Nokela

“Technology plays a key role in the continued future success of Finland. Maintaining our welfare state requires major investments in technological development and strong tech expertise. The green transition, for example, provides opportunities for sustainable growth, and Finland has a lot to win from these. If we want to seize these opportunities, we must invest in them,” says TEK’s Director of Public Affairs Juhani Nokela.

One of TEK’s main goals is increasing spending on research, development and innovation so that it would be equal to four percent of the GDP by 2030.

According to Nokela, achieving this RDI goal requires many new experts. This means that the number of students studying technology should be increased, but only by increasing funding at the same time. This will ensure that the quality of education remains high.

“The talent shortage should not stump the growth of Finland. Increasing student admissions is not enough on its own, but we also need more work-based and education-based immigration,” says Nokela.

Incentive taxation, developing entrepreneurs’ social security and improving mental health services in studies and work life are also some of the issues that TEK plans to address in the upcoming term of government.

Give your vote to an expert in technology! Get to know the TEK members who are candidates in the parliamentary elections and read more about TEK’s goals.

Parliamentary elections 2023