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Susanna Bairoh.
My research focuses on gender equality, equity, and inclusivity in the field of technology. The persistent gender inequality in advancing to leadership positions continues to perplex me. Numerous studies illustrate how merits stick to men.
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Ryhmä opiskelijoita Aalto-yliopiston kampuksella ulkona ottamassa ryhmäkuvaa
Short curriculum on equality.

Opiskelija istumassa ikkunan edessä ja käyttämässä puhelinta
This page offers you a glossary related to equality.

Opiskelijoita istumassa pöydän ääressä
What does equality actually mean?

Joukko opiskelijoita/työntekijöitä keskustelemassa
This page offers tips on how to act if you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour, how to bring the issue up and how to handle situations like these.

Opiskelijoita istumassa nurmikolla kesäisenä päivänä
This Equality Guide offers concrete tips for building a more equal and non-discriminatory student culture as well as for intervening in inappropriate behaviour.

Susanna Bairoh.
Attempts have been made to increase the number of women in the field of technology for decades. However, the attempts have not been successful: In Finland, only one in five technology professionals is a woman. It is often argued that women lack an innate interest in technology. However, the lack of interest is not the cause but the consequence: the technology industry is structured to be masculine.
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Kaksi naisoletettua seisoo valkoisen rakennuksen edessä, toinen antaa toiselle poskisuudelman.
TEK is proud to be an official support partner of Helsinki Pride for the fourth year and is continuing its work for more equal working life.
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Secretary General of Seta Kerttu Tarjamo and TEK's Work Life Specialist Sirkku Pohja at TEK's office in Pasila.
Seta grants the Apple of Good Information annually to an individual or community that has advanced the position of sexual or gender minorities or spread good, factual information about the diversity of sexual orientation and gender. TEK is the first trade union to receive the recognition.
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kahvikuppi, johon heijastuu sateenkaari
Technology students who belong to sexual and/or gender minorities see more risks in their future than students who do not belong to these minorities.
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