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What does equality actually mean?

Equality means that all people are of equal value regardless of their sex, age, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, language, religion or conviction, opinion, disability, health condition, sexual orientation or other personal trait.

Equality can be promoted through associations’ own or shared equality plans.

Equality is a basic right, the protection of which is key to the enjoyment of fundamental and human rights. The principle of equality in the Finnish Constitution consists of both a prohibition on discrimination and people’s equality before the law.

Non-discrimination and equality of the sexes are generally recognized in Finland as a basic value of society and the labour market. Equality is also a fundamental right. In a just society, all people must have equal opportunities to educate themselves, work and access various services.

The KOTAMO project commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture established how gender equality, non-discrimination and higher education institutions’ diversity are manifested in Finnish higher education institutions and how they can be promoted. The report found that Finnish higher education institutions still have much to do in the promotion of teaching and support staff’s equality.