Ryhmä opiskelijoita Aalto-yliopiston kampuksella ulkona ottamassa ryhmäkuvaa

Six golden rules for more equal activities

Short curriculum on equality.

Six Golden Rules for Equality

  1. Respect the personal space and autonomy of others. Talk about sensitive issues with respect. Remember that you cannot know someone’s boundaries without asking. Give and ask for space  when necessary.  
  2. Treat others as equals. Do not make assumptions based on appearance or behaviour. You can’t know what people are like  or how they feel based on how they look. 
  3. Listen and learn. Be aware of your own preconceptions and critically examine your thinking. Treat the issues and situations  you encounter as opportunities to learn and develop. You are allowed to make mistakes and ask questions.  
  4. Encourage and contribute to an open atmosphere. Ensure that everyone is heard and involved in the discussion.  
  5. Recognise and address discrimination, harassment and inappropriate treatment.  
  6. Apologise if you have offended others, intentionally or unintentionally. Being intoxicated does not justify bad behaviour. 

Download the poster "Six Golden Rules for Equality" in Finnish and English