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Universities need to place more emphasis on green skills.
News article | 8.9.2023
Lakiasiantuntija, asiakas, lakipalvelu, toimisto
The new Government Programme recognizes the importance of education, competence, and research, development and innovation activities. However, the Programme does not appear to be in balance when it comes to labour market issues, putting not only employees but also local cooperation in a precarious position.
News article | 31.8.2023
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We need more engineers to facilitate the sustainability transition. There is also a need not only for STEM skills, but also many other competencies, such as systems thinking and data expertise. However, as TEK's Graduate Survey reveals, there is a lot of variation in the level of sustainability skills between different fields of education.
News article | 2.6.2023
Isä ja parikymppinen lapsi istuvat olohuoneen lattialla ja juttelevat.
Is your child studying at a higher education institution? Or is someone you know applying for higher education? Here are some tips from experts on how the folks back home can support students.
News article | 28.4.2023
Renata Laty­pova suoja-asussa laboratoriossa.
Road to becoming a doctor. Tensile stress and hydrogen together crack ultrahigh-strength steel within minutes. The tuning-fork test developed in a thesis provides a way to identify steel grades that are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.
News article | 17.4.2023
Tuomas Olkku istuu kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä, käsissään kynä ja vihko.
The competition for research grants is fierce. A grant foundation and a post doc researcher share some advice on how to write a good application.
News article | 31.3.2023
Tampereen teekkarikaste käynnissä, korissa koskeen kastettuja teekkareita.
Higher education in technology began in Tampere in the autumn of 1965.
News article | 31.3.2023
Finland has lost its top position in education and competence. At the same time, our neighbouring country Estonia has swept past us and become a paragon for education. How did Estonia achieve first place in PISA and why has Finland fallen behind? Published on Friday, 2 December 2022, a report commissioned by several trade unions looks for answers to these important questions concerning knowledge and skills.
News article | 8.2.2023
F. M. Mahafugur Rahman, author of the best doctoral thesis of 2022
The winners are from Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland. The best doctoral thesis, master’s thesis in engineering or architecture and master’s thesis in mathematics, physics or computer science of 2022 were awarded today in Helsinki.
News article | 15.11.2022
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According to a recent report, the green transition requires more tech talent and broader transferable skills, such as continuous learning and resilience in a rapidly evolving work environment.
News article | 4.3.2022