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There’s also good reason to ask if everything is okay with our primary education.
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Kolme nuorta TuKoKe-kilpailijaa posterinsa edessä iloisina.
The TuKoKe competition is a science, technology and invention competition aimed at children and young people aged 4–20 years around Finland. Entries may be submitted in Finnish or in English.
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Isä ja parikymppinen lapsi istuvat olohuoneen lattialla ja juttelevat.
Is your child studying at a higher education institution? Or is someone you know applying for higher education? Here are some tips from experts on how the folks back home can support students.
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Winners of the TuKoKe 2023 Competition, behind them a wall painting of a bear.
The winning projects of the TuKoKe science competition organised by TEK and Opinkirjo deal with renewable energy, artificial intelligence, environmental health and textile waste. The final of the competition was held on 5–6 April in Otaniemen lukio upper secondary school in Espoo.
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TuKoKe-kilpailun pääsarjan voittajat 2022
The level of participants in this year's TuKoKe science competition was high. Children and young people met at the final event of the competition in Espoo in early April.
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