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Piiroskuvassa on kolme opiskelijaa matematiikkaa kuvaavien elementtien kanssa.
How easily do academic engineers and architects graduating from different fields of study find jobs? Are there major differences between different fields in terms of pay or the satisfaction with studies? TEK studied these questions.
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Henkilöt kävelevät rappusissa.
Newly graduated academic engineers and architects are satisfied with their degrees. Of the academic engineers and architects who graduated in 2023, 91% would choose the same degree again. The employment situation at the time of graduation remained good, despite declining slightly from the year before. View the results in more detail on this page!

Piirros henkilöstä, joka kantaa suurta paperipinoa, läppäriä ja kelloa.
Under the Working Hours Act, regular working hours shall not exceed eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. Overtime is defined as work that exceeds these maximum limits.
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Vanhemmat pienen lapsen kanssa kotona.
Parents with young children are familiar with the parental leave reform, and they feel that it contributes to a more even distribution of family leave between parents. Those working in the field of technology feel that the employers’ attitudes are supportive of families, and that the use of family leave is mostly welcomed in the workplace. For example, more than 90% of parents of children under school age think that their employer offers sufficient support for reconciling work and family life. On the other hand, there is a fair amount of uncertainty around family leave, and some parents with young children feel that the use of family leave may pose a threat to their career development.
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Joukko ihmisiä istuu pöydän ääressä pohtimassa syntyjä syviä.
According to TEK’s labour market survey, the earnings of TEK entrepreneur members increased. The average income for full-time entrepreneurs rose by over 10%, and even part-time entrepreneurs saw a 9% increase.
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Joukko opiskelijoita aurinkopaneelin äärellä.
Both male and female tech students feel they belong in the student community, but men feel a stronger sense of belonging in the field of technology. Gender minorities report the lowest sense of belonging. Where exactly does the problem lie?
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Henkilö katsoo puhelinta.
62 percent of tech students use generative artificial intelligence tools in their studies. According to surveys conducted by TEK in the autumn of 2023, AI tools have been adopted faster in studies than in working life. However, there is a lot of uncertainty among tech students about the use of artificial intelligence. Respondents in working life, on the other hand, are very confident about the continuation of their own employment despite the increasing use of AI tools.
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Kaksi kypäräpäistä työmaalla.
According to the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK’s labour market survey, the most common reason for a salary increase was the general increase agreed in the collective agreement.
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Vastavalmistunut puhuu puhelimessa
The starter salary recommendation is a good starting point for requesting a specific salary as a new graduate. When thinking about your desired salary, you might also want to take a look at TEK's Salary Surveyor and salary statistics.
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How does working life change when the technology sector becomes international? Can international students find a career in Finland and what is it like to build a life in Finland as an immigrant? Find out in TEK's studies.