Dima Al-Nasser Otaniemessä.

Creative technology

Creativity and technology belong together. Creativity in technology is the key in solving the big questions of our time. We at TEK aim to do our part in building a better working life and a more sustainable world.

The technology sector does meaningful and creative work that helps solve the biggest challenges facing us today. Coming up with creative solutions requires well-being at work and the space to focus on doing new things in new ways.

We believe that people are the most important part of technology – which is why we are constantly working to make sure that people in technology have the best possible opportunities to succeed in their work. 

How are creativity and technology combined in TEK members' careers?

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Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK is an organisation for academic engineers, architects and other university-educated professionals in technology and natural sciences. We give our members services that support your professional interests. Our community consists of some 76,000 members, which means we are one of the largest trade unions in Akava, and in Finland. Some 20,000 of our members are university students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields.

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The world needs creativity in technology

In the Creative Technology campaign, we are highlighting the importance of creativity in technology. How does creativity exist in the work of tech professionals? Watch the following videos where five professionals share their thoughts on creative technology.

Videos are mostly in Finnish. 

“The tech sector needs leaders who can see new routes instead of dead ends.” – Kimmo Leveelahti, Business Coach

“I hope more women would pursue a career in technology.” – Dima Al-Nasser, Computational Engineering Student

“Technology will save the world, but tired people are unable to create anything new.” – Liisa Salminen, Radiation Protection Engineer

“The work done in the tech sector is meaningful, and it improves everyone's quality of life.” – Juho Salmi, Product Manager

“Creative thinking helps us identify the problems we need to find solutions to.” – Olli Kiikkilä, Software Consultant