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The last time unemployment was at this level was at the end of 2014.
News article | 16.1.2017
The unemployment statistics of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK show that the number of laid off workers decreased in November.
News article | 28.12.2020
The number of laid off employees dropped dramatically during January. At the moment, predicting changes to the labour market over the coming spring is difficult, says TEK’s Hankamäki.
News article | 1.4.2021
Henkilö katselemassa ikkunasta ulos
Becoming unemployed is often an unexpected and stressful situation in life. You do not have to cope on your own – our experts are here to help.
Työpöytä jossa vihkoja, kyniä, kirjoja sekä banaani
As an entrepreneur and a self-employed person, you can also insure yourself against unemployment.
Ihmisiä pöydän ääressä
TEK’s members are doing better in the labour market than they have in ages. The number of laid off employees has plummeted from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and fewer members are unemployed.
News article | 23.2.2022
Onnellinen henkilö työttömyysturvansa kera
Membership in an unemployment fund is a safety net in case of unemployment.
The majority of TEK’s full members who are salaried employees belong to KOKO, the unemployment fund for highly educated.
News article | 9.6.2022