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With the Haastis App, you can practice your job interview answers.
News article | 6.3.2018
There are many factors that you need to consider in order for your transition to a new job to go smoothly. To avoid risks, you must also do certain things in the right order.
News article | 12.2.2020
Hidden jobs have been a hot button issue in conversations about job seeking for a long time. What are they actually and why are they hiding?
News article | 4.3.2020
Besides making contact and following your professional channels, you can also trick your mind to help you find employment opportunities.
News article | 9.3.2020
It is absolutely evident that Finland is in a dire need of international technology experts.
Blog post | 22.4.2021
Vihkoja, kirjoja, kyniä ja sakset työpöydällä
Here you can find information on some of the most common employment terms and standards in Finland.
Mies katsoo läppäriä
When you're thinking about your job, career, or future, check out the tips and tools from our career coaches!
Henkilö puhuu puhelimeen puhelinkopissa, äänieristetty, heijastus
Here you can find useful tools and information for your job search.
Kirja työpöydällä
Check out our instructions for different CV's.
Työnhaku, läppäri, koti, kahvikuppi, nainen
We have listed the most common recruitment platforms in Finland.