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Neither party to an agreement may alter an essential term of the agreement without consent from the other agreeing party.
News article | 17.11.2020
Here we have collected basic information on lay-offs and the temporary changes that the pandemic has caused to legislation and collective agreements concerning the laying off process.
News article | 29.5.2020
The duties of a supervisor include cooperation and getting along with employees. But how can you cope with a difficult subordinate?
News article | 12.12.2020
There are many factors that you need to consider in order for your transition to a new job to go smoothly. To avoid risks, you must also do certain things in the right order.
News article | 12.2.2020
Kolme henkilöä istuu rappusilla läppärin kanssa
How to find more information about living in Finland? Take a look at our list!
Vihkoja, kirjoja, kyniä ja sakset työpöydällä
Here you can find information on some of the most common employment terms and standards in Finland.
Nainen istuu kahvilla
If you are looking for a job or about to start working in Finland, here’s a short list of some of the things you might find useful knowing before entering your place of work.
Information and advice on making an employment contract.
There is no trial period, unless otherwise agreed. On what grounds can an employment agreement be cancelled during trial period?
In what situations is it possible to make a fixed-term employment contract? Information about fixed-term employments.