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Professional liability and legal expenses insurance

Insurance for TEK members covers legal and litigation expenses.

TEK's professional liability and legal expenses insurance covers legal and litigation expenses of disputes and criminal cases arising from your employment relationship. In turn, professional liability insurance provides coverage related to the member's liability for damages.

Insurance cover applies to individual members of TEK performing duties related to their post, job or profession. Furthermore, the insurance cover applies to individual members operating as independent entrepreneurs and performing full-time or part-time work assignments, with no employees. 

If a problematic situation arises at work, contact TEK's lawyers by filling a contact form or calling us at (09) 2291 2345 (working days from 9.00 to 12.00). The primary aim is to solve problems through negotiation. If the desired outcome cannot be achieved through negotiation, TEK’s professional liability and legal expenses insurance is there to assist you. The insurance number is 16-714-613-9. 

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