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If you want to have an influence on your professional community and participate in decision-making, now is a good time to consider putting yourself forward as a candidate in TEK’s elections!
News article | 29.9.2016
In TEK's General Council Elections the young increased their seats the most. Largest shares of votes went to politically active candidates. Many seats were decided in a draw.
News article | 7.4.2020
Seventy successful candidates will be chosen to represent some 72,000 members of TEK in a General Council election to take place in March. A total of 481 candidates are standing for election.
News article | 27.2.2020
Elections will be held in March 2020 to elect TEK's General Council. The nomination for candidates begins on 1 January 2020, get involved and stand for election!
News article | 19.11.2019
TEKin aluevaalitavoitteet koskevat myös sosiaali- ja terveystoimea
TEK offers its members running as candidates the possibility to create their own election page, which we will publish on our website.
News article | 14.12.2021
TEKin aluevaalitavoitteet koskevat myös sosiaali- ja terveystoimea
Find out more about TEK's objectives for the upcoming county elections.
TEKin valtuusto 2021
The term of office for the current General Council is 2020-2023. Next election will be held in spring 2023.