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The satisfaction of recent graduates with an academic degree in technology with the university education they have received in the field of technology has grown steadily from 2016–2019.
News article | 31.12.2020
If there are antibiotics in the water, cells start to produce green light.
News article | 5.10.2020
Asad Awan, the winner of this year’s doctoral thesis award, paves the way for the successor to the alternating-current motor developed by Nikola Tesla.
News article | 7.12.2020
Kuvassa on TEKille diplomityönsä tehnyt Antti Ilmavirta
Antti Ilmavirta's thesis found that the associations that provide freshman education consider their activities to be inclusive, but also identify areas that need to be improved. Ilmavirta will now be able to use the lessons learned from his thesis as the Executive Director of the Aalto University Student Union.
News article | 25.8.2022
F. M. Mahafugur Rahman, author of the best doctoral thesis of 2022
The winners are from Aalto University and the University of Eastern Finland. The best doctoral thesis, master’s thesis in engineering or architecture and master’s thesis in mathematics, physics or computer science of 2022 were awarded today in Helsinki.
News article | 15.11.2022
Alvar Aallon suunnittelema TKK:n päärakennus kylpee auringonvalossa.
The new main building of the Helsinki University of Technology stirred up heated feelings in Otaniemi almost seventy years ago.
News article | 31.1.2023